Need privacy but still want light to enter your room? Consider Window Frosting...

If you are looking for privacy whether at home or in your office then frosted window film is the best solution. Frosted film is translucent, meaning day light will still enter the room, when fitted to windows or partitions it creates a opaque effect which stops prying eyes looking in day or night.
Fitting Decorative window film will further enhance the appearance of the home or office, it fits directly onto the existing glass and with many designs to choose from you are easily able to create a tasteful, unique appearance to your home or office space.


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High Quality Window Films

At Window Tinting & Frosting We only use high quality window films to ensure that our clients get the finish they deserve. We speciaically use Llumar window films or Suntek Window films depending on the job specification, both of which are high quality for a long lasting perfect finish.

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