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Thank you for visiting Window Tinting & Frosting. We are a family firm covering the North West of England. We hope that after you have visited our web site you will have a clearer understanding of the window film products and tints available. We aim to help you to make an informed decision on the best window film to suit your needs.

 Our Range of Window Films and Tints

Window Tinting & Frosting can supply a wide range of Solar, Safety, Security and Speciality window films helping to improve energy efficiency, protection and adding value to your business or home. We use high quality films manufactured by Suntek window films and by LLumar. These companies are considered by many to be the best window treatments on the market and we use other window film manufacturers products which suit your requirements.

The Window Tinting & Frosting Guarantee

All work carried out comes with a five year or lifetime warranty depending on the film used as long as it is maintained in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines.

 Energy Efficient Films and Tints

Both commercial & residential running costs are continually rising these can be reduced by fitting Solar control film to the windows, it has a twofold effect, firstly it will reduce the loss of heat through the windows in winter and secondly keeps the heat out in summer by reflecting the sun's rays, reducing glare and increasing the strength of the glass.

 Window Tinting & Frosting Customer Service Excellence

At Window Tinting & Frosting we arrange appointments to fit in with the customers' requirements. We have a large sample of films available for the customer to view so you can be sure that whichever film you choose is the correct one for your specific needs.

Survey, Quotations and Appointments

Please call ProTint UK today on  0797 for a free no obligation measuring service and quotation or go to our contact page send us a message. We will call you back at the earliest opportunity.

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