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Window Tinting and Frosting Manchester

Window Tinting & Frosting are the experts in the design and installation of architectural window films and graphics in Manchester and the North West of England. Our experienced installation teams have installed all types of specialist window films in both residential and commercial property.

Quality Window tinting service in Manchester

Here at Window Tinting & Frosting we use high quality window tinting films from Sun Tek and LLumar. These are professional tinting films which are designed for a long life without any significant deterioration of look or function when professionally installed. When we apply your window films you will not have to replace them within months or a few years which is the case with low quality films. Quality films are cheaper in the long run. We provide a 5 year or lifetime guarantee dependent upon product installed.

Our Price and Quality Promise

Our experience in window films and tinting means a first time fix every job and this helps us keep our prices highly competitive. Our quality window films and tints are guaranteed for up to 10 years and we will beat any quotation for window tinting of similar quality in Manchester

Window Tinting Films

We supply a wide range of window tinting films which not only look great but are designed and engineered for specific tasks such as security films, safety films, anti-graffiti, mirror finish, window and glass manifestation, frosting & privacy films, anti-glare films, energy saving films and films to protect the contents of you property from damage due to UV light. Our window films have many uses inside a property as well as on windows and doors.

Residential Window Tinting

Our window tints and films add style and privacy to your home. Window films can transform the windows in your home at a fraction of the cost of replacement windows. In conservatories and south facing rooms our films help keep the temperature right in summer and save energy in winter. Furniture, decorations and carpets benefit from the elimination of UV light which fades them. In some circumstances house owners have us install security film on vulnerable windows and we protect children by applying safety film to door and partitions in the event of an accident.

Commercial Property Window Tinting

In offices, shops, educational establishments, entertainment and leisure buildings and health care facilities in the Manchester area we install a wide range of window films and manifestations to external and internal windows and other glass surfaces. Controlling solar gain, privacy, safety and security are operational reasons for window films in commercial property but we also create more striking environments and improve branding through the use of window films. Our films are from world class manufacturers and they are fit for purpose in  commercial property.

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Please call ProTint UK today on  0797 for a free no obligation measuring service and quotation or go to our contact page send us a message. We will call you back at the earliest opportunity.

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Residential window treatments can vary from single window treatments to an entire building.

Home window tint, commonly known as solar window film – is applied to the inside surface of the window and has many direct benefits for you and your home. Because it is placed on the interior of the glass, solar window film is used as a heat barrier and to deflect direct sunlight. residential window tinting
There are many advantages to applying window film to external, internal windows, office windows and partitions. When choosing a film the first consideration must be quality and not always price, there are cheaper films on the market, however fitting these is false economy, as they will need to be replaced after a short period of time. commercial window tinting

Window Films

window tinting manchester

Solar window film is applied to existing glass windows and will reduce the solar effects of the sun. window films

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